Exercises for the spine at the workplace. Legal HCG

Sedentary lifestyle causes serious damage to the health of the spine. Particularly affected cervical and thoracic. When a fixed seat in the same place they experience a significant static load. Buy Human Chorionic Goandotrophin.

At the same time the blood flow in the surrounding tissues is slowed down (as part of the body immobilized), tense muscles compress Human Chorionic Goandotrophin order the nerves coming from the spinal cord, violate the conductivity of nerve signals. In the short term the result becomes numb the back, arms, neck; in the long term Рlow back pain and other spinal disorders. Buy HCG.

To avoid this, simply follow the following simple exercises (you can not even get up from the chair and completely invisible to others):

– The rotation and tilt of the head (clockwise and counter-clockwise, with bowed head and battened up). Buy Human Chorionic Goandotrophin online. Slopes better to repeat in the manner of “Chinese idol” to support his chin on his folded hands in the lock, put his elbows on the table making the slope of the way to the left, follow a few nods in the direction of motion, and return to starting position

– Turns his head left and right to maximum (stretching)

– Touch the breast chin and turns in the head position from left to right, like wipe his chin on his chest, HCG for sale. The movement ends with tilting the head back and its rotation

– Straightening the back and bringing the shoulder blades together while holding this position for 1-2 seconds

РLifts his shoulders buy HCG online with her hands placed on the table (analogue bodybuilding Schrage, just sitting and without load)

– The spine curves to the left and to the right at the back straightened and fixed crown of the head, Human Chorionic Goandotrophin order. spine movement resembles the strings move.

Each exercise is done slowly and smoothly without jerking at least 2 times a day for 10-20 repetitions.

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