Aerobics on an empty stomach, and how to maintain muscle mass. Human Chorionic Goandotrophin order

Aerobic exercises are performed with a single purpose – to lose weight. Achieving goals is only possible if the aerobics on an empty stomach, especially in the morning – just after waking. At this time the muscle glycogen depleted blood sugar and insulin (hormone preventing fat splitting) almost none. Buy HCG.

If your goal – only to lose weight, and the size of the muscle mass you, in general, do not care, there is no problem. However aerobics bodybuilder (or, as they say, cardio) fasting is associated with a significant risk of loss of muscle mass.

The fact is that any physical burden to our body is perceived as a stressful situation, in which it begins to actively produce cortisol, adrenaline, glucagon, norepinephrine – all these hormones are required for the activation energy processes: consumption of glycogen, fat and … splitting muscle strands (myofibrils). Buy HCG online. The fibrils are concentrated amino acids that can be used to convert into glucose – a chain of chemical reactions, characterized by an extremely low efficiency: the muscles lose a lot, and get a little energy. HCG for sale. At the same time and lose weight, and maintain the amount of muscle you can, but difficult: the body of the mode of aerobic work goes into anaerobic mode. This occurs in a marked increase in heart rate (65% of maximum). In other words, for example, a run must be performed at a speed of 7-9 km / h. Secondly, the duration of the workout on an empty stomach for an untrained person should be around 40-45 minutes and for trained – no more than 30. The paradox? Not at all, HCG order, just the body rearranges trained person faster metabolism: it is used to start spending the fat, but before is taken for the muscles.

Third, just before workout BCAA’s use-amino acid: it is because of their lack of body and breaks down muscle strands – if they arrive before going outside, legal HCG, catabolic effect will fall sharply. This rule is all the more important, the more the original muscle mass.

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